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Confessions of a teenage whore


I have many confessions, but I think my kinkiest one is when I played with my little sister and daddy. That was very hot and I haven’t really told anyone else before. But I thought maybe you could appreciate that hot nasty story. It started when my little sister started dressing like a little whore. Short skirts, and tiny little crop tops. It showed her belly button ring and the bottom of her ass-cheeks would hang out. I think that is so sexy.


Teen daughter of the boss is sexy

When you started working with my daddy, you had no idea he had such a beautiful barely legal daughter like me. The first time he invited you over to the house for one of our family cookouts, you could not keep your eyes off of me. When I came outside wearing the tiniest pink string bikini you had ever seen, your cock jumped! You knew right then and there that, one way or another, you needed to touch my perfect teen body.


Abduction fantasy wanted it bad

I bet you have a very hot abduction fantasy, and my pussy is already wet. Every since I was a little slut I have wanted to get abducted and used for what I am good for. My slutty holes can take so much cock you have no idea. Thinking about getting blindfolded and having my hands tied behind my back, is so hot. I want you to take advantage of my sweet little cunt, and I know you want to also.