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Family sex stories whispered to you

family sex stories

Family sex stories are some of my favorite I have to share. There is a multitude of all kinds of my family from daddy to grandma and cousins. One that I am going to talk about involves my first love ever my dad. It’s starting to get hot out and all the girls starting dressing like dirty little sluts. With tiny cut off skirts and ribbed tanks that expose hard protruding nipples. Those nipples are so pink and beautiful. Every now and then I like to go home and check on my first fuck.


Cyber sex in the no taboo chatroom

cyber sex

Pulling my laptop on the bed with me. Logging into the chatroom looking for my invite. I won’t touch myself unless permitted by my seductive counterpart. My toys and nipple clamps are sitting beside me. The anticipation is killing me. Biting my bottom lip waiting for the one. My eyes light up with the screen. I get the invite. His name is intriguing and unusual. The little devil on my shoulder is telling me to continue with our cyber sex.


Confessions of the slut next door


I know lately you have been wanting to have a good time with a slut who  knows how to dominate that cock. Well I have one of the biggest confessions. I see you outside with your wife and I see you staring at me with longing eyes. I purposely wear my sluttiest outfit to make sure you notice me. You realized  your bathroom window faces my room, and to be honest I know you stare at me


Cum dumpster is ready for another dump

cum dumpster

One of my favorite things is to be a cum dumpster. I mean what lady wouldn’t love that? I aim to please and don’t leave until that happens. There are two types of people in this world. The type that likes to run the show and the type that takes the back seat. I want to take a back seat for a hardcore dominant man. Pushing me to my limits beyond anything imaginable. Tell me you can do that. Things are starting to lift with restrictions. The world is going crazy. Not me, I am used to getting told what to do.