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XXX Phone Sex Is The Safest Sex

XXX Phone Sex
XXX Phone sex is the safest sex you will have. Right now at this time when we need to stay isolated and worry. For even a moment some hot phone bone action will erase that for you. I love to have fun with all kinds of people. No matter the fantasy. One thing I want to do is watch porn with someone. Are you up for that? Lately staying locked in I have been indulging in porn. One of my fetishes is a deepthroat cock fuck. The girl wearing pigtails and you grabbing them like handlebars.


Stepfather Punishes Naughty New Stepdaughter


When my mom first married my stepfather, my moody teen self already was not a very big fan of his. He was bossy and rude, always on the phone making business calls when we were all together. I hated that he tried to make new rules for me to follow like he was trying to be my dad or something! My mom did not seem to notice or care that he was completely changing everything! It was so unfair. (more…)

Vibrator Fun in Coed’s Dorm Room


Getting back to my dorm after a long, grueling day of classes, I am ready for some serious release. I throw my backpack on my beanbag chair and plop down onto my small twin bed before yanking down my yoga pants. Reaching over into my side drawer, I pull out my favorite sex toy, my bright pink vibrator. I close my eyes and exhale, my body begging for me to masturbate after my long day. (more…)

Confessions of a teenage whore


I have many confessions, but I think my kinkiest one is when I played with my little sister and daddy. That was very hot and I haven’t really told anyone else before. But I thought maybe you could appreciate that hot nasty story. It started when my little sister started dressing like a little whore. Short skirts, and tiny little crop tops. It showed her belly button ring and the bottom of her ass-cheeks would hang out. I think that is so sexy.


Lola Is The Best Slut Ever For Daddy


I am the best slut ever. With me, none of my partners have to worry about restrictions. I am into many things myself that most would consider extreme taboo. One thing is dressing up for my daddy. That can be a phone daddy or one of my partners I roleplay with. They all love my blond pigtails with ribbons that drape down to my shoulders. Another thing my daddy loves is when I get some of my friends involved. His cock starts pitching a tent listening to us lolitas giggling. We have a big basement and play a fun game. (more…)

Trashy Slut Makes Your Cock Throb

trashy slut
You are finishing up your last pizza delivery for the day when you meet a trashy slut that makes you throb. Your window is down and arm is dangling out the window as you cruise through the shabby trailer park. Heading to the back of the small development, you see a sketchy looking trailer. Getting out and hopping up the steps, you knock on the door. That is when you see her.