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caught in the act phone sexI was caught in the act with one of my “friends with benefits” by my girl the other day. Joey and I were hammering it out on the living room floor when Mustang walked in on us. Just past the point of no return she

came running in from the country club. I was riding that hard dick, fucking the hell out of him. He was thrusting into my cunt like a bucking bronco. When she came into the room in her wet bikini with the towel wrapped around her waist, Joey unloaded in me. Like a fucking stallion in breeding season. I didn’t raise you to be shy so I told you to come here and join us baby. You were so cute; you didn’t miss a beat when you dropped your towel and walked over to us.

“Come here darling, sit on Joey’s face. Let him taste that sweet ‘Tang.” He moaned when he felt your slippery bald cunt on his mouth. He started to eat you out like a pig slopping at the trough. I took off your bikini top, leaned over, taking your hard nipple in my mouth. Biting down on it I reached down and started rubbing your little clitty. Joey’s tongue formed a spear, thrusting over and over into your sweet cunt. This wasn’t our first adventure in mother daughter fantasy sex that we “accidentally” shared. Getting caught in the act is a great way to introduce my mini-me to sexuality. Matter of fact it’s more like a habit with us. The best teacher is experience they say. Sharing is caring! I’ve been using Mustang for a couple of years now as an “enhancer” with some of my lovers.

You can be caught in the act with me today if you play your cards right.

I promised my girl that I was going to teach her how to take some hard core anal pounding when the time is right. Today I’m too horny to hold back. After you dump that load inside my while I’m tonguing her sweet slit I am going to push you off of me. “’Tang, get down between mama’s thighs and lick up that hot cream pie! Clean me up good!” While she’s down there slurping up your hot goodies, climb up behind her. Slide your finger in her tight bunghole. Work it around in there. I want your fat prick to push inside and stretch her open. I’ll keep my legs wrapped around so the neighbors don’t hear her scream. Those are cries of pleasure. My little one takes after her mom in the slut department. Being caught in the act isn’t always a bad thing. Right?