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CBT with fireworks. What could be more fun? I am as patriotic as anybody, but after several nights of listening to the booms, I was beginning to get fed up. I was beginning to fantasize about exactly what I could do with those rockets.

I had ignored it for several days. I figured their partying would end when they realized it was not July 4th anymore. But sleep deprivation tends to get the best of you sometimes. Tonight I marched right over with the intention of telling them to knock it off. I found my drunken neighbor and his friends in various stages of undress.
He asked if all the fireworks bothered me. Being tired and cranky, I told him I was fantasizing about shoving one of the Roman Candles straight up his ass. It amused me when he asked if I would consider inserting a sparkler into his penis as well. I guess my neighbor is into CBT.

If he desired CBT, I was in the mood to give it to him.

After a little talk, I realized he was sincere in his desire. Not only did he want CBT, but he also wanted it in front of his friends. In hindsight, it probably wasn’t too smart having witnesses to my assault on him, but hey, he begged for it! I knew if the rocket were to explode, it would be worse than any kick to the nuts ever. In fact, it might castrate him. I was too tired from my lack of sleep to have any empathy, though. If he wanted to torture, I was ready to dish it out.
When he bent over for me, that big old Roman Candle went right into place leaving the wick hanging out. I decided to wrap that around his testicles and tighten them as much as possible. He screamed like a bitch, it hurt so much. His friends stood back and laughed. Then, turning him around, I began to work the sparkler into his cock as he had requested. With each whimper, my anger faded, leaving me only a feeling of satisfaction.
When he blew his load, this would be the most painful orgasm ever. Even with the sparkler rod in his cock, he was as hard as a rock. He must love humiliation through CBT. To light the fuse or not? That is the question.