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CEI is so exciting to me, I have such an oral fixation. It’s so fun to me to have guys jacking off, the thought of my sexy teen body making you so hard. I love watching men stroke it in their hand, watching the wet head slipping in and out.

Glancing over while he caresses down to his big balls and have them fill up with spooge. I tell men not to let my tender age deter them from thinking I have no experience with sex. Teasing is so fun, I love prancing around in a cute outfit and showing off my tits that are so perky with erect nipples.

Hot nut waiting to bust

I love sitting across the bed, spreading my legs apart wider and wider. Tracing little circles on my thick thighs while he casts a look my way. That rigid tent getting harder and harder. I can’t wait for those CEI after that nectar explodes from those massive balls. I even like to help with stroking that nice, thick cock to get you even harder. Looking right up at you with my big blue eyes and darting my tongue out.

Do you need CEI?

Guys calling for a hot phone bone with this little slut. I want to tell you exactly how to achieve that explosive orgasm with your cock aiming up at your mouth. All so you can catch it on your warm, wet tongue. It will cut hard like sugar on lips with a bit of salty. I want you to swallow that load real slow, even spit it out and then slurp it back up real slow with that slimy spunk. If it gets on your hand I want you to lap it up like a bad kitty trying to get as much milk as they can suckle.