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celebrity fetish

Who is your celebrity fetish, or crush? I have many, but my last call gave me insight into a kinky situation with a talk show host. Shocking, oh you won’t believe this one.

“You are not the father!” Can you guess who that celebrity fetish is? That talk show host who ruins lives the moment the person shows up. My client was a guest on that show once. Lied to for years about the paternity of a child, he found out on the show that he wasn’t the father. This is where the twisted shit happens. He wants me to fuck the host to make sure the results are in his favor. Trade pussy for a false paternity test result.

This celebrity fetish was wild.

To get out of child support payments, he paid me 5 grand to let my pussy and mouth get filled with an old man’s cock. I will admit at first I thought he was lying, but when the money came, so would that celebrity fetish fantasy fuck. How though? Well he devised a plan that I was his new girlfriend and before the show, I pulled Maury aside and told him if he lost the envelope, I would fuck him. After 5 minutes of saying no, he was rock hard and willing to lose the real results.

We all know this host is sorta old and married, but he has a nice cock, and how could I say no? I would get instant fame sucking and fucking a major celebrity. Have you heard of the green room? Well, that’s where it all happened and according to my caller’s celebrity fetish, it happens a lot. So many lies to cover up the real paternity of a child. I had 5 grand in my pocket.

I sucked his old wrinkled dick.

In his 70’s, he still could get rock hard. My mouth wrapped around that dirty old man, sucking his white cock in and out of my mouth till he was ready for some tight young pussy. He fucked me right there on the couch, not caring that people came in and out. Some watching, others acting like this was normal. I guess in that line of work people do anything to get a negative test result. Celebrity fetish, or cheating sex, this was the most fucked up encounter. As I was leaving I heard the crowd screaming, “You are not the father!”