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Cheating is a taboo subject that people fantasize about. I am the perfect little tart to get what you want with. Dressing up older than I am so I can fool these guys.

There are guys I have been with when their wife is calling and it’s fun. The thought that they might get caught. Blowing a married guy while his wife is on the phone talking to him. She is thinking he is out at the store getting milk. Can you imagine that? Coming over to my place and getting a great blowjob and being sneaky.

Cheating is bad, right?

Another I enjoy when a man decides to cheat with me. I like to get my silk scarf and tie his hands together above his head. Wearing my corset and lace thong. Part of me wonders should I use to blindfold as well? My hair down and long, watching him want to gravel at the thought of me tickling him. my hair is thick and blonde also straight. Letting it fall over my shoulders and graze my pink nipples.
Something else that is fun with a cheating husband. The fact of getting them to trust you. Getting that code so you can sneak in. When he is in bed, go into the master bedroom. Watch them both sleep and rub your nipples and down your flat tummy. My pussy tingle. Walking over to his side of the bed, I get on my knees. Pull the sheets back soft. I don’t want to wake his wife. His cock springs up, almost like he knows I am here. My mouth goes around that cock, and it is delicious. I love to feel it spring up and down on my tongue.

He wakes to find me on my knees sucking his hard dick.

He tries not to freak and I giggle. I lick some more and then take off like a thief in the night. When I get back into my car, I notice I can’t keep my hands from going in my panties. I continue to tease my cunt over my panties thinking about if he didn’t freak out. I want that cock, I need that cock. Look forward to chatting and fucking more cheating husbands. We all have a little devil inside of us waiting to get unleashed. So what are you waiting for?