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My cheating husband is a sex addict! And there is no way for me to change him. Whether he is at work, home, or on vacation, he cannot resist watching sexual porn or even having sex with other women. I have caught him time after time again. No confessions from him; I learn it on my own. But this weekend, I have a special surprise for him that will have him get off harder than he ever has before.

He will be very shocked once he enters our home, finding that his cheating wife. For his wife is all about having sex as well. But this time will be even more invasive in that he will see me having sex with another female. For he is not the only one who is a sexual addict. And as such, I’m going to take advantage of him as he watches me, and this sexy lady and I have sex together.


He won’t resist it as he’s made to watch me, and my lady friend has sexual intercourse. Will I allow him to join in? Well, that will depend. I will be instead of domination! And I can’t say I’m all too happy with his cheating on me, but at the same time, I do understand his sexual desires why I have a few of my own!

In so far as the main issue with him is that he’s kept It secret from me! He keeps me out of the league when all I want is to be on the playing field with him. Once he arrives, my most important event is that he will see my sexual desires with that girl hammering down on me in our bed. She will be jackhammering me with that audacious cock right side knee-deep as he sits byes and watches. I want to hear him roar, but I also want to listen to him, apologize and beg and plead to be able to join in. And how he responds to me will be the dividing factor on whether I allow him to join in on our cheating threesome!