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Cheating has always been too strong a word, in my mind. I don’t believe that humans are monogamous. We’re wild inside, primitive, like any other mammal. Getting off to me has always been about that and only that. Never in my life have

I thought about being with the same person forever. It’s not in my DNA. Plus I love the added benefits of being a trophy wife to a rich husband. Some say it is taboo. But I don’t see anything wrong with getting my need for money met by one man and my sexual satisfaction from another. I married for love the first time when I was too young. After learning that lesson I knew that this time I would wed for the big bucks. Not only the cash but for those big blackbucks. I’m a BBC cum slut.
The hubs is off working all the time, traveling overseas, and that gives me a lot of time on my own to play. Bored one afternoon I was poring over Craig’s list in my metro area for something fun to buy. I saw the “Personals” area and on a whim clicked over. It was an instant jackpot of sexy men and women who were looking for some strange on the side. Some of the ads were graphic as hell and I found myself masturbating before I knew it. A notice looking for some hot white pussy for a big ebony pole instantly had me curious. There was a picture included too of this buff Mandingo that I wanted to fuck more than anything. Cheating wasn’t even a worry, because I had my cuckold hubby wrapped around my finger. On impulse, I replied with my phone number.

I found a discrete local hotel for the perfect cheating rendezvous.

Known for quiet, this place is out of the way meeting place for cheating spouses who wanted a secret escape. I was more than ready for some hardcore fucking with a muscular stud. My old man had to take little blue pills to get it up. Believe me when I say that I was not in the least bit interested in sex with him. Not ever. In fact, the last time he tried to climb on top of me I started laughing at him. I wouldn’t let him inside me at all. I wouldn’t even touch him or let him touch me. Instead, I masturbated and told him how much I never wanted to let him have me again. I launched into this small cock humiliation rant and I could not stop myself. The meaner I got, the harder his little dick got.

Today I am hooking up with this hot black dude from one of those posts. He’s bringing a friend too. When I go home to my wealthy, chaste spouse tonight, I’ll be full of hot cream pie for him to lick clean. I’ll let him jack his little prick while I laugh at him. I will tell him all about the enormous black fucksticks I had today. Cheating him is what keeps me married to him. And how they crammed me full and dripping with jizz all afternoon. It’s the closest thing he’ll get to sex all year.