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cheating wife

Being a cheating wife is part of the way I am. In fact, I can’t think of anyone I have been loyal to. My husband is boring in bed and I need to find ways to please my urges. Also, my libido is very high. I married for money and everyone who looks at me knows that. When he goes away on his business trips I get hot studs. Tonight when he comes home he is going to eat out a creampie. The best part is he won’t know it.

Getting myself prettied up in my fuck-me pumps.

Right now I have a young hot stud over. He is 6 foot tall with abs you can lick off of. He is going to hide in the closet and watch my husband eat his load out. I get on my knees over the mattress and wiggle my ass for him to come over. He comes up behind me and pushes that hard cock against my ass. He loves how much of a cheating wife I am. I tell him to stroke for me and slap his cock against my pussy.

My lips are spreading open and the head is hitting my clit. I cum all over his cock and balls. Moaning and grabbing the sheets. This hot stud shoves his dick deep inside of me. Riding back and grunting. He grabs my shoulder as my tits slap against my skin. He is fucking me hard and I beg him to cum deep inside of me. In minutes he explodes. I tell him to get in the closet I have to go welcome my husband in.

My husband has no idea he has a cheating wife.

I meet him at the door in my pumps being nude. Telling him to drop his luggage and come with me. I lead him up the stairs to our king bed. I lay down and tell him I want him to eat me badly. He gets on his knees and kisses up my thighs to my pussy. He smells and asks me about it. I brush it off and shove his head in there. I tell him to tongue fuck my pussy. As he is I start pushing that load into his mouth. He keeps up even swallowing. I don’t he has a clue that he is eating another man’s load out of my cunt.