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Nasty Cheating Wife

Nasty Cheating Wife Tonya Looks to play with all the neighborhood boys. My husband knows he can’t quench my kinky naughty desires so he looks the other way when it comes to my cheating.

The other day we got a new neighbor on the block. I knew I needed to show him my cheating wife pussy. Stopping by with a plate of fresh baked cookies I introduced myself. I knew he was interested in me by the way he was looking at my very short skirt and see-thru with shirt. You could tell I was wearing no bra and my nipples were nice and hard. I noticed the bulge in his pants getting bigger.

Asking if I could come in I set the plate of cookies on the counter. I then informed him that I was the nasty cheating wife of the neighborhood. I pushed him up against the kitchen counter and kissed him hard sticking my tongue in his mouth. Rubbing my pussy against his hard cock I started to unbutton my shirt. Grabbing his hand I had him squeeze my breasts. I was wet already and pulled his hand under my miniskirt. Wearing no panties he stuck his finger inside my cunt and started to wiggle it around.

This Nasty Cheating Wife Couldn’t Get Enough Hot Sex From All The Neighborhood Men!

He then turned me around pushed me against the counter and lifted my skirt. I heard the unzippering of his pants and felt him pull out his hard cock. He pushed his stiff rod inside me and told me how much he liked fucking this horny naughty neighbor. I told him I need him harder and faster

As soon as I said this he started fucking me without abandon. As he surrendered inside me I felt the pressure mounting. Faster and harder he pushed himself into me. It wasn’t long now before he squirted his jizz into my wet pussy and I came all at the same time.

Getting dressed he asked if we could meet up again for some more naughty cheating wife sex and I said of course. He was the best fuck by far and I would stop over often. Fucking all my neighbor men was what I did. And boy it sure satisfied my hunger.