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It’s going to finally be my turn to try and become the head cheerleader. And I’m going to tryouts today., from what I heard you have to be a fucking slut to get it. Which being a filthy cheerleader slut comes naturally to me. I’m prepared to do whatever it takes to become the head!

I just got home and the meeting went very well. I think I proved what it takes to become the head cheerleader. You will like my audition you pervert. I had to first start by stripping off all my clothes in front of both the coaches.
One coach is female and the other is male. So I’m glad I like sucking cock and licking tight pussy. So I stripped down and was standing in front of them completely naked. The first thing the told me was I have to get a slutty belly button piercing. And they were very upset to see I didn’t have one already. It’s a head cheerleader rule
They came closer to me and asked me to lay on the sofa. I laid down and they spread my legs and examining my tight bald pink pussy. They started to whisper to each other, and then they told me I passed the first round. I guess to be a head cheerleader means having a shaved pussy.

Do I really want to be a cheerleader?

Then they told me to bend over the desk and spread my ass cheeks. My male coach got on his knees and spread my pussy lips. He starts tonguing my cunt while my female coach made out with me. I promised I would be a good slut so I let them do whatever they wanted. And I can’t lie it felt so good to have his tongue deep inside my cheerleader ass. He told me I needed to beg for his cock.
So, of course, I got on my knees and started begging. I will do anything to be the head cheerleader, and I watched him take out his cock. Oh my gosh, it was so fat, I wanted it deep inside me. I bent over farther and arched my bag like a good slut and he drilled me with his fat meat. I started moaning and digging my nails into his desk. The female coach canine over and told me to eat her cunt.
I did it with no problem because I want to be head cheerleader over anything. I love having all my holes filled. The last part of my audition was how good I took that cum. Of course, being a cheerleader whore I begged for him to fill my cunt up with cum. I wanted to be full to the point I was dripping cum for weeks. Oh my gosh, it’s so warm and thick I fucking love it!