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I can’t contain my excitement, I earned the top spot on the squad for cheerleading. I love that I am the head cheerleader and I look so cute even more so than people already think.

Oh how I love having the eyes all on me where they should be. I need to keep my body looking so cute with a proper diet and exercise. It was kind of unexpected I had no idea I was so popular, but, it makes even more desirable with the guys. Our uniforms are so cute and I catch myself doing random body checks in the mirror. I giggle because I don’t wear a bra or panties with mine. The male cheerleaders sometimes slip their fingers into my wet bald pussy.

Our cheerleader uniforms make my breasts pop out and nipples prominent

I am one of those teens that love sex so much that now the jocks are taking notice and so are my teachers. I have this hot teacher Mr. B and he helps out with practice after school as well as he is my math teacher. I guess he caught a glimpse of me and one of my very best friends kissing. And I saw him out of the corner of my eye and I made a come here motion and he darted right over. He started kissing us both. Of course he was taking more interest in me and bent me over while my friend was under me licking my nipples.

We took out his hard dick in the locker room

He was breathing super hard and pulled my panties down and kissed my tattoo right on my butt cheek. He had me eating out my friends super hot teen pussy. Pulled my skirt up and was rubbing his grown man cock from my ass to my pussy and it felt so good. He shoved it in and as he pushed hard I got pushed in to her pussy hot. When he was about to cum he pulled us on our knees with our tongues out. He squirted all over and then watched us lick it off each other and kiss with it on our tongues. Cheerleader sex is the B E S T!