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chronic masturbation

Chronic masturbation is as much a female thing, as it is a male issue. We learn at a very young age that if it feels good, we want to do it. The body seeks out pleasure feelings with our knowledge. How many times have you touched yourself and didn’t realize you were not in the right location to do so.

The part of me that loves to view others sometimes kicks in without my approval. I will see hard nipples or even the outline of a cock in a pair of jeans. That is the part of me that can’t stop touching myself. Like a deep itch inside of myself to relieve the pressure. I love seeing people in this sort of pain.

Going for a run this weekend I found myself in a bit of a mess. I go down this pathfinder through the woods, and though it has traffic, at times people use it for sex. Whether with a partner or solo, I have seen it all. For the last three times, I went for a run, the same guy was jacking off in the woods as he watched the public pool. This is the last weekend it’s open, so he needed to get that final nut busted.

When someone is into chronic masturbation, do we confront them?

I would never do it, but I had to. He seemed to want to get caught. Breathless, I ran up behind him, laughing at what he was doing. Would you stop at this point and leave? Or would you continue to jack off? He never lost a stroke while I laughed at him rubbing his bare dick to the laughter in the pool. I even called him a few filthy names. Some that I won’t mention here, but I’m sure you know.

Jacking harder, the one-handed bandit busted his nuts on the ground and thanked me for being the one. Shocked, I would have thought someone else would have caught his chronic masturbation antics before now. I’m sure many people had seen him playing with his dick, but I was the first to call him on it. I always was a nosy brat.