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chronic masturbation

As restrictions are easing up. I am allowed to have clients in my home studio do their hair and nails. My life is chronic masturbation especially with this client I have coming today. Trying to look my best I wear my socks that come to my thighs and some shorts that come below my cheeks. I have my hair down and curled, I am nervous. This lady is the epitome of beauty. Flawless skin that is fair in complexion and auburn hair that goes to the middle of her back. She also has the best set of tits.

Greeting my client, I can feel my excitement grow

I walk her to the chair and tell her to get comfortable. I go to the way back where she can’t see me. Feeling me squeezing my thighs together. I am very horny right now. I can see the red strap of her bra that keeps sliding down her arm. Her nails are clicking on the arm of the chair. Her gum smacking is making me curious about what she might feel like on my pussy.

I sit back and put my hand down my shorts. Like I said earlier I am a chronic masturbator now. Trying to keep my moans down. I hear someone walking to the back and my surprise it’s her. Everything inside of me is telling me to stop, but I can’t. She looks at me with a smirk on her face. Not paying too much attention she gets down and kisses my lips. This makes me intensify my rubbing on my pussy.

She pulls my arm and leads me back to the chair for a chronic masturbation session.

I walk with her and when we get to the chair. She pulls my fingers out and sucks on them. I can’t believe this is happening. She pulls my shorts down and I pull her skirt up. I go down and pull her panties off and breathe in that scent. Her lips are fat and wet. She puts us in a 69 position and we go down on each other. Her mouth feels so good on pussy and I finger fuck her hard while rolling my tongue on her clit. We both climax in the chair and she kisses me before walking off.