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chronic masturbation

Chronic masturbation is becoming a new normal for me. My new mini bullet came in the mail for me. Let me tell you that is an amazing little thing. I can say it’s even almost better than sex. I can submerge it in water, the toy fits in the palm of my hand. My favorite thing about it is that its rechargeable. No more batteries to worry about. It’s small and I can bring it down to the pool with me. So my summer isn’t ruined. I am going to keep myself happy until I can see clients again.

Who needs a partner for sex all the time?

Part of my night tonight again is going to be playing with my new toy. It is teal and fits in the palm of my hand. I can get used to my new life with chronic masturbation. I have got off three times so far today. Tonight I am going to light myself a candle. The aroma of vanilla reminding me of soft sugar is going to fill the room. I have on my cute panties that untie down the side and a tiny top.


Rubbing my nipples with the vibe. It makes me jump, it’s that powerful. Cupping my little breasts and flicking my hard nipples. This gets my cute pink pussy ready to get taken over. This little novelty is I am going to say better than a cock right now. A dick can’t do what this gem can do for my chronic masturbation sessions. Sprawling out on my bed with my high heels on and seducing myself. Rubbing it on my tan, creamy thighs. Makes me giggle some because it feels this good.

All women should have some sex toys for their own chronic masturbation session.

It would be fun to have someone call in and play with me. Listen as I glide my vibrator over my succulent clit. Moaning and saying dirty things to you. Getting that dick hard and you start stroking. My voice guiding you into an intense orgasm. I have many with you even squirting. My pink, silky pussy throbbing and clenching my fingers. You wish this is your cock inside of a slut like me. Call me tonight and let’s have our own chronic masturbation session. Wet wishes from yours truly.