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It is after soccer practice and I am back in the locker room all by myself. Coach sent me to the school physical therapist to get my ankle iced after twisting it a little. So I am the last coed here. Grabbing my bag, I head to the showers, wanting to rinse off all the sweat from the day. I peel off my shin guards, shorts, and top, standing in the locker room wearing only a pink sports bra and panties.

I pull the small pieces of fabric off my tight teen body until I am naked. Propping my hair up in a bun on my head to keep from getting it wet, wanting to only wash my body. I hang my towel up on the hook next to the showerhead. There are no stalls, it is one huge open shower, which is fine, but I like having space to myself. Little do I know coach has other ideas. 

Showers have never been so much fun.

Squirting a large dollop onto my hand, I begin to massage the coconut-scented soap into my soft skin. I start to hum and sing. The sounds of my voice echoing off the bathroom walls as I stand there alone with my bare young body. I begin to wash my small tits, massaging the bubbles into my tiny nipples. My other hand wanders down to my bald pussy, massaging the soap into my plump clit. I close my eyes, reveling in the feeling. Unaware that my coach has walked in and is watching me!
Standing with his mouth hung open, cock throbbing in his pants, my coach watches me as I shower. He didn’t realize there was anyone left in the locker room bathroom and came in to put away the equipment. Instead, he got an eyeful of my naked body, water, and soap running down my body all the way to my little feet. He knew it was bad to be so turned on by one of his barely legal players, but he could not help himself!

The coach was intrigued.

He tried to stop his feet from moving, but he could not help it. Before he knew it, he found himself standing a foot in front of me. Sensing a presence, I opened my eyes and jumped, standing face to face with my soccer coach while naked!
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