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I had been in complete shock last spring when I received the phone call I had been dreaming of my entire life. A coach position had opened up for the women’s soccer team at the downtown university. And I was their first choice!

I had been playing since I was old enough to walk, having recently completed four years as a starter at UCLA. More than determined to make this next chapter of my soccer career the most exciting thus far!

I was to be the very first female soccer Coach in the school’s history.

If I am being honest, there was another motive for my haste in accepting the position. You see, as much as I love having my tight cunt stuffed by a huge, hard cock, I adore licking a pretty pink pussy even more! I had always been the team slut, turning all the straight girls into closet lesbians. They would beg me to finger their tight, sweaty snatches in the locker room after a hard game. It was hard work, keeping ten other girls satisfied at all times, but someone had to do it! And now someone wanted me to Coach a team full of hot coeds! All my dreams were coming true.

Upon the start of my coach career, I exceeded every single person’s expectations.

We dominated the competition week after week, winning State in a major upset. Nationals were tough, but my girls prevailed, bringing the title and trophy home. It was a glorious victory. The entire team had worked endless days to prep for the challenge. Months of suicides and practices in the unforgiving southern heat. Sometimes, I had to keep myself from drooling at the sight of them running around in sports bras and tiny shorts. The sweat causing the thin material to stick to their perfect college bodies. Although I was a tough Coach, I loved my players, and I wanted to show them how much their dedication meant to me.

Once they finished their last day of classes, the senior girls were all invited to my home for a private pool party! It was the first time any of the young students had been to my home and wanted them in minimal clothing. Of course, as Coach, I had the privilege of watching the teens strip in the locker rooms on several occasions. More than once, I became flustered in the midst of one of my post-game speeches, catching sight of a sexy camel toe or two.

They made it so hard to stay professional!

Since they knew it would be an all-female bash, they each seemed to wear their skimpiest bikinis. I wasn’t about to complain! Several had tiny thongs riding up their perky ass cheeks. A few wore suits several sizes too small, their tits falling out and bouncing around without a care. My own nipples ached, longing to feel one of their soft tongues caressing my skin.

Next, I brought out the special punch I was longing to force down their throats. A special concoction I had found online that would make them lose all inhibition. One drink, two, and then three spiked drinks. In no time, the girls were wrestling in the water, splashing and pulling each other’s tops off. Their squeals and laughter filled the backyard. My male neighbors must be so jealous! Most of them knew that I was a Coach since we had been all over the local news lately. One of them had even mentioned in passing how lucky I was to get to work with such hot babes.

It must sound like a schoolgirl porno over here to them!

With any luck, that is exactly what the evening would turn into. I had tried to be careful while they were students, keeping my hands to myself, not wanting to lose my new job. But now that their final semester was complete, these sexy young fuck toys were free for my taking! As I sat with a coy grin, the tipsy sluts began to play chicken. “If you lose, you have to take your top off!” one of them screamed. Well, this was going to be even easier than I had imagined!

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