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I want to apologize to you, my sweet pervert daddy. I have been such a fucking cocktease and you can barely take it. You showed up at my school and told me that I was coming home early because I’m in trouble. I couldn’t think of what I did, and as soon as I got in the car he told me to pull up my skirt. Of course, I wasn’t wearing panties. And daddy started playing with my clit. I looked at you and told you to stop we are in the car daddy.

But you told me I have been a fucking cocktease and you were tired of it. Daddy threw me in the back of his SUV and started ripping off my clothes. It felt so good but also so naughty. I can tell I pissed daddy off and he was going to rape my tiny wet little cunt. He didn’t care if it was right here in the school parking lot. You got between my legs and forced them open, you started licking your lips. You told me I have such a nice slit.
I kinda moaned and then you back between my legs and started licking and sucking on my clit. You told me you’re going to fuck my little cunt this time and you are going to give it to me hard. I knew daddy was about to rape my teen cunt and there wasn’t anything I can do about it. You pulled your fat daddy cock out and started to rub it on my pussy hole. Who was the cocktease now?

I was born a cocktease.

Then out of no have you shoved it in as fast and hard as you could. I screamed and grabbed the back of the seat. It hurt but for some reason, my cunt was squirting and getting so wet. Oh fuck yeah that felt so good, but I kept screaming stop to daddy. But no matter what I said daddy said I won’t be a cocktease anymore.
He wanted to make sure my cunt was full of his daddy cum. Oh my gosh, it felt so good to know the way daddy has pounded me over and over again. He was grabbing my hair and pulling himself deeper and deeper.
You tell me I’m going to get my cunt full of your daddy cum and there is nothing you can do about it. I thrust towards you and you shoot that fat load in me! Cocktease no more.