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Happy Coed Appreciation Week! School may be out, but some of those barely legal hotties have to stay for the summer session. And you, being the ever dedicated teacher, are happy to help them get some extra credits this summer! You thought you’d be able to slip them something to get a little forced intox loving. No one would be the wiser! But little did you know that blackmail was on the syllabus this summer!

Those barely legal sweater puppies have been teasing you all winter long. The weather has finally warmed up enough to free those tiddies. Alas, it was right before everybody left for summer break. Well, almost everybody. Some of those tasty Coeds had to stay through the summer session. Your hunt was only beginning. You haunted the food court, picking the little hottie who would help you get lucky.

It may not have been as crowded and it is during the spring and winter semesters, but the view was outstanding! Tank tops and belly shirts as far as the eye can see. For a super smart teacher, you sure do fumble about with your new hobby. I suppose that’s because you haven’t ever done anything like this before.

You lacked the guidance of a true kink professional. You slipped that tiny dose into her orange juice like an expert. You failed rule number one of the hung: know your mark beforehand. Indeed, her inhibitions were gone. But, in your haste, you didn’t learn her routine. Unfortunately, she was not on her way back to her mostly empty dorm. No. She had a class 20 minutes after she downed her spiked OJ, and that is where she leads you.

College Coeds Never Do What They Should

You followed her into her lecture hall, sitting in the back with your eyes glued to her. You watched as your chosen coed sat next to a strapping stallion of a boy. The lights went down as the slides-show began and the teacher started his lecture. Your trousers pitched a tent as you watched the young coed start rubbing his leg. She leaned over and whispered something into his ear. Soon the couple was slipping out of the lecture hall, to find some secluded corner to copulate, no doubt.

It was poor planning on your part, you had no one but yourself to blame. You had a fantasy of plying her with libations. Then, once alone, giving her even more. Until, finally, your forced intoxed chicky was begging you to mount her. That all vanished. Instead, some ungrateful frat boy made off with your prize. In the pursuit of your prey you failed to observe rule number two: observe your surroundings. If you had, you would have noticed the barely legal college student who had her eyes on you.

Pervert Teacher Becomes a Student to a True Kink Coed

A predator can spot another predator. It’s as easy as when they sense prey. And you, my dear teacher, are but a wolf pup. I had you made moments after you entered the dining hall. Your nonchalant attempt to put yourself close enough to her was awkward and forced. I could see that you had practiced the sleight of hand that dosed the coed’s drink. Your stalking skills, were clumsy, at best. I smiled as I watched you in that darkened lecture hall. You were sitting in the back corner, away from everyone else.

Your frustration at your lost catch was palatable. The bulge in your pants was far from going down. You were so lost in your thoughts that you again failed to notice your surroundings. I took the opportunity to seize this teachable moment and crept to the row of seats behind you. Words started whispering in your ear, jolting you from your revelry. “Don’t move, don’t make a sound,” I said inches from your ear. “Unless, of course, you want me to report that I saw you drug that barely legal slut.” You froze like a rabbit held by the scruff of its neck. “Good, now that I have your attention, we should talk.”

“Barely Legal doesn’t mean young and naive, Teach. Would you like to learn how to hunt? Even if you have to learn from a Coed?”

I moved to the seat next to you. I leaned in close and delivered my terms. As I spoke, my hand traveled up your thigh. “We can help each other out. I won’t tell a soul what I saw. In fact, I can show you where you went wrong and make your next coed hunt successful.” My hand was now on top of your zipper. I massaged your hardness as I went on.

“In return, I want access to school records. Specifically, the database of grades.” My hand slipped into your pants and started stroking you in earnest. “What do you say, Teacher? Do you mind getting Black Mailed by a Barely Legal predator?” You had started panting by that point and could only nod your agreement. I smiled. Still stroking, I leaned in closer and told you a forced intox plan that would actually work. The details got you so excited that you creamed all over my hand and the inside of your underwear. “Good,” I said as I pulled my hand out of your pants. “I’ll meet you in your office in an hour. We will start tonight.”