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Looking for some twisted Coed fantasies, even a little morbid? Well, you came to the right place.

Love the kinks out of the ordinary. You have been stalking me for a couple months and figure it’s time to make your move. In the shower, you sneak into my room. Smell all my panties in my drawer and pick a cute lacy pair that is to mature for slut like myself. Waiting in my car not even thinking that someone could do that. I get in my car and soon after a rag is over my face and I pass out.

Coed is fun, even more, when there is a sinister play behind it.

Waking up in the basement with a damp smell and no windows with light. Chained to the mattress in a tank top and diaper panty so I can pee in that. Squirming and then getting a shot in my thigh to calm me down and make me go back under. Coming back to and wondering why you have now turned this into an abduction. You want someone to keep and make your own. Treating me as good as you can, the others have not been so lucky.

Opening up about the true intention of making me a breeding machine. Where my belly would grow fast and we have our own little heirloom of money making tickets. Feeding me and fucking my tiny little pussy, you keep me tied down to the chair and tell me not to disobey. I develop Stockholm syndrome and think I have feelings for you. Keeping the fear deep inside of me and giving me a sponge bath. Deep inside my mind. If I will be here forever or not, in the double digits, looking to make this Coed fantasy one of ours.