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compelled fantasy

Our compelled Fantasy wasn’t what cute little Gypsy was expecting. I invited her over for a party. I let her assume we’d be dancing around the Christmas tree. But, it’s hard to say “No” when there’s a cock down your throat.

 What do you get the man that has everything? I’d been thinking about it for weeks. Then, in a flash of brilliance, it came to me. I needed to use his computer to check my email. I noticed that compelled Fantasy porn dominated his history.

The plan for the perfect gift started forming. I watched some of his saved links. A pattern was emerging. He liked watching a innocent, inexperienced girl getting transformed into cum slut. It appeared that his favorites were the violent ones. I’ll admit, my panties were wet as I watched, fascinated. I even had the perfect girl to fulfill his real life fuck fantasy. It wouldn’t be hard at all to get Gypsy  to come over for a little play date. She lived a few blocks up. Gypsy was so adorable, sweet, and trusting. She was perfect!

compelled Fantasy Holiday Gift. She even comes with a bow in her hair!

Gypsy had on the most delightful holiday dress when we walked into the house. She asked where everyone else was. “The party is in here, Sugar,” I said as I took her by the hand and led her into the sitting room. I locked the door behind us. That confused her, but she didn’t say anything. He was reading next to the fire and raised an eyebrow at our intrusion. “This is Gypsy,” I told him. “She is your compelled Fantasy gift from me.” I tore open the front of her dress, buttons flew everywhere.

She shrieked and tried to cover her small boobs. I held her arms to her sides and compelled her to her knees. Her young voice pleaded for help while he walked over to her. “She’s all yours, Baby. Anything goes. Use her any way you want!” She started crying when he reached down and brushed his fingers across her perky nipples.

I love giving holiday gifts.

My own cunt was aching with need when he started undoing his pants. I couldn’t wait to see how hardcore he would get in person when his compelled Fantasy was coming true. He was rock hard as he grabbed her hair and growled at her to stick out her tongue. Gypsy gagged and cough as he started face fucking her. That didn’t stop him from pumping harder and faster. Without warning he stood up straight. With her ponytail still wrapped in his fist, he dragged her to her feet.

I ripped the dress completely off of her. He threw her naked body to the ground. She tried to curl up into a ball. I pushed her onto her back and pinned her arms down with my knees, sitting on her face. He eased his cock in her pussy until he felt her cherry. Then pulled back and slammed into her. Her scream vibrated my clit. But, our taboo threesome was only getting started.