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compelled sex performance with a tasty browniecompelled sex performance with a tasty brownie trying to sell her wares. Already this week she came by and I politely told her my husband and I do not buy cookies. However she came back when she thought I was gone.

This alone was enough to bring around my ruthless wrath. That and the way I seen my handsome daddy staring at her. instead of being mean, I turned sickly sweet. To you whom know me, this means you should be afraid.. very afraid. To this age play fantasy girl she knew no better than to take me at face value.

compelled sex, compelled terror, compelled fantasy snuff.. for cookie sales.

When I asked her to come in with a big smile and closed the door behind her you could tell it made her nervous. But still she whipped out the catalog and handed it to my husband. Pointing to all her favorite cookies, cakes, and tarts. While she moved I could see handsome daddies eyes upon her face. Knowing what he was thinking I grabbed her by her hair. Snatching her up like the vulnerable doll she was and walking her downstairs.
Fresh to our sex chamber of secrets. Where we can suspend her from the Japanese ropes, tying them around her throat, wrists, and waist. Cutting the clothes off her back with the straight razor.. and relishing the sight of fantasy bald fruit flesh. Daddy for his part enjoyed playing along her lips. Touching his fingers to her upturned mouth before using pliers to snatch out her teeth.

compelled sex took her breath, and her love of cookies.

So much better to give him a head job you know. Then a mace to her face, and a concrete leveler going inside of her ass hole. Shaking her while daddy took her like a beast. His panting heavy as I punches her in the stomach to wind her and cut her mouth open with a lariat. fish hooking taking on a whole new meaning when I reached down the back of her throat to jerk his cock . She is so small and his cock so big, it made him turn into a flesh conqueror in the compelled sex arena. Always so fun to be his companion, now it is time to get rid of the goods. All in a days work of fantasy play. sin well my friends.