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compelled transition

Your compelled Transition fantasy plagues you. You’re stuck, trapped in a body that has become unfamiliar to you. You despise your chest hair and the meaningless dong dangling between your legs. You crave silk, mani-pedis, and the weight of real breasts filling your bra.


It’s scary, I know. The desperate need to become a real woman tempered by the fear of rejection and ridicule. You anticipate dismay from loved ones and co-workers and that keeps you from pursuing your passion. At night you dream of a world where you are accepted for your true identity, free from judgment. Every morning you wake up to the lie you must live to placate the small minded people that surround you.

Deep down you wish someone would force you to Transition a into woman so no one else can blame you. Once you’ve traded that bogus bulge in your jeans for soft, pretty breasts you need someone sweet and sensual to teach you all the intricacies of BEING a woman. Well, guess what?  We are going to buy you some pretty new dresses, silky pantyhose, lose the leg hair, and grab you a hormone replacement script!


compelled Transition will free your soul and your guilty conscience.


You don’t have to hide anymore. Not from me, anyways. I’ll bring out the real you, and I’m going to make you work for it, too! That leg hair is going to be the first to go. Beg and plead all you want, it’s not going to matter. We both know this is what you want. The handcuffs around the safety bar will keep you from leaving the shower. Perhaps you’ll struggle, but not too much, neither one of us want any nicks to mar those smooth, shapely legs! Next we will dress you in a pretty blue dress, sure, you don’t have all the attributes to fill it out properly, yet, but we will do a bit of shaping.

After tying you to the chair, I’m going to slip those silk stockings up your freshly shaved legs, because you can’t hide your Pantyhose Fetish from me. Then, before I do your makeup, I’m going to give you the first of your HRT shots. Don’t cry, Sugar. It will only hurt a little, and it will be SO worth it in the end! It won’t be long until I’m dragging your ass to the surgeon to remove that ugly space waster between your legs. compelled Transition is what you really need.