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Confessions make my pussy moist. I like it when someone can be open about the things they have done. I have some of my own that I want to share with the right person. Not being a teeny bopper I have some experience with things. We all have things that are weighing on our minds. Getting dressed in some cute panties with no bra. Preparing myself with some sexy scents. It’s like a moth to a flame. Right now I am touching my pretty pussy thinking about what someone is going to divulge to me.

You can let your inner workings out in a perverse manner.

Unlike a fantasy. Your confession is something you have done. I have had a guy confess to me that he had sex while waiting for the pastor. You know in the confessional. Where you tell your sins. The priest wasn’t getting there fast enough. He has a sex addiction issue. While he is telling me this all I can think is I want to be the lucky one. This guy is handsome, he looks like he walked out of GQ. He is tall, tan with jet black hair. He has these abs you can lick off of.

I love secret confessions.

Nice toned arms and legs. Perfect feet with nice toenails. He looks after himself. A stranger goes in the door by mistake. She wants to walk out but he pulls her in. My hand is going deeper into my panties at this moment. He kisses her and I am talking the kind of kiss that sparks go off. He can smell that she is wet. His cock is rock hard. He keeps kissing her and biting her lip, sucking and pulling at the bottom one. She has her legs spread and he starts rubbing her panties.

How many can say they have fucked in a church?

I slip fingers into my cunt as he tells me how she pulls her panties to the side. She gets on his cock and slides down slowly. Moans get exchanged and he pulls her shirt up while kissing and cupping her big breasts. She slides up and down his cock. Going all the way down and bucking her hips side to side. I came when he is describing this confession to me. He told me he had bouncing up and down on that nice hard cock and gave her a sticky snack.