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I really want you to tell me your deepest darkest confessions. I bet you wouldn’t surprise me if anything you would make my little cunt so wet. One of the many confessions I have is I like to be dominant over a little sissy faggot. And I know there are many of you sissy faggots out there too. Well it makes my pussy really fucking wet seeing you on all fours begging for cock. Because that’s what you crave isn’t it? Big fat black fucking cock. And it just happens that I have lots of friends that have big cocks that would love to use you like the dumpster whore you are.

First we need to get your dress like a fucking whore. And so how about you wear one of my matching sexy panty and bra sets. I have one that’s pink lace that I like you will hot in. I mean we don’t have to worry about your penis because it’s so small.  I have other confessions, it’s that my clit is bigger than your cock. My little clitty is way bigger than your tiny useless pecker. Does that make you sad? Well it should make you happy because you are the best little faggot whore there is.

Confessions of a sweet little princess paisley

You have a perfect little clitty for them to rub as they stretch your back pussy open. Oh, does that turn you on? Well I am going to have my friends rip your back pussy open! You’re going to be so gapped after this you don’t know what to do. When I’m done making you’re my favor slut your going to be able to handle 3 big black cocks in your Pussy at once. I know that makes you excited in your panties, doesn’t it? Well that’s a perfect start.
Get on your knees and open that whore mouth. I want you to take that cock deep down your sissy throat. While he is throat fucking you, beg for that massive cock. I want you to beg for him to fuck you, come on be a good boy, and make me proud. Take that cock like I know you can. Well you’re making me jealous I think you do a better job sucking that cock then I would. He is balls deep in your mouth,  can you feel those big black balls slapping against your chin?
Well turn around and get on all fours. I want you to spread your ass cheeks and ask him to pile drive your asshole. Do a faggot scream for him! Come on faggot boy beg for that cock! Next thing you know he thrusts you into your asshole and grabs your hips. Yes, he starts fucking you so hard he busts all inside of your fucking asshole. Doesn’t that feel good? That hot sperm load fills your back pussy and you need to clean him up now. Make sure you get every drop. This is just going to add to my confessions, hehe.