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Cougar mom takes son to the promCougar mom takes son to the back to school dance and I am so happy I did. When my son couldn’t find a date I volunteered. I mean I am sexy as fuck pregnant or not, and I know I can turn heads.

With me on my sons arm in this kinky family friendly fantasy, he was the nominated king. When his girlfriend dropped him last minute I didn’t sweat it a bit. Whipping out an old dress I pulled out all the steps for my little guy.

Cougar mom means I turn all the heads and know how to rock in every room.

Every cougar knows how to work her area. These little teeny boppers had no clue what hit them, when I got on the dance floor. While they was plastered to the walls I was busy dancing and showing my big tits. Spreading myself around, and letting all the boys be cock teased. With my young son on my arm we was the King and Queen, and they knew it. The girl that stood him up was totally not worth the drama he put up with for so long. She did not even put out any trim. The cock tease treating my son that way, when she should have been coming up off that nookie everyday.
So when we stepped into the room, all eyes was on my low plunging neckline. Also on my lips because they are so thick and full. Momma knows how to work out these lips, they are perfect for cock fluffing. While on my sons arm I shined like a diamond and even spiked the punch. This crew never knew what hit them by the time I was done and I liked it that way.
All of my sons friends, was wanting a dance but I gave him all my attention before and after the dance. Letting him know he was a real man now and he didn’t have to tolerate cock teasing from young slut. Not when I am so adept at pleasing a cock. This goes to show you what you can do when you have a determined mind and a hot ass cougar body. Cheers.