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I’m a dirty cougar on the prowl for some young hard cock. I just can’t seem to get enough of these eager young men. They know a mature woman like me knows how to treat a man right. They have their little girlfriends who won’t do all the kinky things this hot MIlF loves to do. So they come to me to play out their fantasy’s.

My son has had lot’s of his friends over this summer. He had this one friend Charlie who was so shy. I would catch him checking me out and he’d turn bright red. It was so cute. I could tell he was still a virgin and decided I was gonna be the one to pop that cherry. So one night when the guys were all over and drinking I decided to make my move. Charlie was pretty tipsy so I made him give me his keys and told him he’d have to stay the night.


After everyone left Charlie was in the guest room so I slipped on my sexy see-thru nitie and slipped into his room. I walked over to the bed and he must of heard me. He opened his eyes and they were as big as saucers when he seen me standing there. I pulled off my gown and crawled into bed with him. His cock was huge and hard as a rock. I bent over him and took him in my mouth. I could feel him suck in his breath as I licked and sucked his cock till it was dripping with pre-cum.

Nasty Cougar on the loose

That’s when I climbed on top of him. I straddled him as I rubbed my tight wet pussy over the length of his rod. He started to shake and grabbed my hips. I lifted up and he pushed all the way into me. I started to ride his big dick and he was pumping into me at the same time. Didn’t take long for Charlie to blow one off deep inside this mature cunt. Being a dirty cougar is always a hot time.