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To say I’m a cougar on the prowl is not an exaggeration. I’m always looking for some young hard meat to gnaw on. It’s so easy to find those hard bodies hotties to fuck.

I find them everywhere from the grocery store, malls, to the gas station and party after party I find them. Those yummy fuck muscles are always hard and ready to play. They like getting off and fucking mature sexy sluts like myself. Anytime I get a little itch I put on something sexy and off I go.


I decided to hit the grocery store. I wanted young. Fresh out of high school. It didn’t take long to catch the eye of one of the stock boys. As I walked down the aisle his eyes never left my long legs and revealing top. I can smell a boy in heat across a room, and this dirty slut was on top of it. I didn’t wear panties or a bra. So when I bent over in front of him to grab the noodles on the bottom shelf he got an eye full. “Fuck” I heard him mumble out. He smiled and winked at me then asked me if I needed any help with anything. I smiled and he followed me to the back of the store.


We slid in the stockroom when no one was looking. He brought me to a secluded place in the back. I sat down on a box and spread my legs. He was on his knees sucking my pussy hard. This boy had some skills. I pulled him up and undid his pants…yes, he had a huge cock. I sucked on it a while then he slipped it in. His thrusts were hard and fast. We both came within minutes. I kissed him on the lips and pulled his cock from my dripping wet cunt. Walking out of the stockroom, grabbed some bread, paid, and never looked back. I love being a dirty cougar!