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Daddy ate my cream pie. Oh my god. He didn’t even know that when I came home from my date that I have dessert for him. I tried to stop him, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. Silly Daddy!

Out late, I was suppose to be at the movies with my boyfriend, but that didn’t happen. One kiss lead to another, and by the time I knew it, he was inside of me. I know that sounds silly, but he’s so hot and I get lost in those kisses. I wasn’t a virgin, and we fucked before, but I knew Daddy would want me later. Usually on nights my Father wants to fuck, I don’t fuck anyone else. A little girl should respect her Father, right?

Begging him not to cum inside of me, but as soon as I said no, he blew his load. I tried to push it out, but there was way too much inside of me.

I never expected him to eat my cream pie!

“No Daddy, don’t do that.”

A whimper came from within, but he had already buried his face in my white washed snatch. Never ever had he ate me out with such intensity. Either he knew I was cream filled, or he was too horny to stop. If I had to say which one, I would say he knew. Poor Pops looked up from between my legs covered in my boyfriends cum.

I’m sure this was a one time only thing, but I have a little secret he told me I couldn’t share. I didn’t even have to fuck Daddy that night. For the first time ever, he came while eating my cream pie. Not even touching his cock, he spurted all over the bed and begged me not to tell. You wont tell, right?