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Cream pie for my Daddy. He didn’t know he liked it till I surprised him with one after a late-night date. He waited up for his little girl to come home, and the panties check gave him a lot more than he expected. Pussy full of cum, Daddy dove right in.

Naughty little ones always claim to be good, but Daddy knew that was wrong. When I came home from my date with no panties on, he knew I have been playing bad little slut again. I love being a good girl for my Papa, but a bad girl for the rest of the dirty cum snatchers. My pussy was tingling when his tongue pulled all that cum from me. Dirty Daddy doesn’t want his baby girl to get knocked up. Well not by a stranger at least.

Laying on my bed, legs wide open, the goo of cum pour out of my pink hole. Pushing down, I bubbled the cream pie from me.

Grabbing his head, I forced him to eat my wet hole. Suck the honey from Hootie cootie. I love when he looked up at me and had all that candy hanging from his chin. Oh my god, I came all over the place just by seeing him glazed over. He lets me be a sugar baby if I let him have the cum.

Nothing wrong with admitting you like to eat the coochie when it’s full of cum. I love to have my swollen cream pie devoured. My Daddy is good to me and always takes the center down the hatch. Have you ever had a little one feed you straight from her honey hole? If not, I will be the girl for you. Give all my juicy tight honey to you for dinner. I wanna be a good daddy’s girl, but if your lucky, I will be super-duper bad for you.