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Crossdressing for Geisha; busted being sissyCrossdressing husband; busted out being sissy while I was away on vacation with a real man. Funny thing I am not the one who caught you. The neighbor next door walked up on you in my lingerie sucking on life like dildo.

Then he blackmailed you with the pictures. First you thought it was for money only. Not until he pulled out his cock and made you suck it, did you realize he was going to turn you from crossdresser into fag.

Crossdressing husband; busted out being sissy after you turned off cameras and made sure I was out of town.

The neighbor always looked a little funny to me. A few times I caught him looking through the windows while I did cardio. That is probably what he came looking for. It was the back windows, no one ever comes back there. That is why you got caught off guard, you thought you had everything under control in your bra and panties.
Now he is sitting in  our living room watching your game T.V while you put on lipstick. His friends are on their way over to our place. You only thought you had problems before. Now multiple men will be using you and seeing you like a sissy whore. How many years did you cross dress in my clothes, and never thought about cock. Just liked the way my panties felt against your cock and balls right. Well they like the way you look in those panties. Your penis was always small, that is why I have to go cheat to get pleasure.
That is why I go on big vacation a few times a year, so I find biggie cock that can please me. Now you have a few big cocks that are going to be pleasing you. When I come home and find out you are another man’s bitch boy, I will take everything you ever have. You did me a favor and so did the neighbor. He takes very good pictures, and the way that cock look in your mouth the judge will see my things my way. Now you real sissy not just  crossdressing husband; busted out being sissy!