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have had a crush on the same boy since we were young kids who sat next to each other on the bus in grade school. His dusty brown hair and big green eyes have always made me melt, along with his beautiful white smile. The older we got, though, the more I began noticing the rest of his features.

In high school, he joined the football team as captain and, of course, head quarterback. What a catch he was! It seemed like all the horny, barely legal girls in school wanted to be his girlfriend. I definitely was not the only one with a massive crush on this perfect boy. What made him stand out from the other boys at school was what he packed in his tight football pants.

His cock was so much bigger than any of the other boys in school had going on! When he ran across the field, his cock would swing between his legs like a sledgehammer. Girls would pay to go to the game for the sole purpose of catching a glimpse! He made all our panties drip each time he took a step.


I had a high school crush.

When I found out my super sexy, sought after crush would be at the biggest party of the school year, I knew I had to go. I picked out the perfect outfit in hopes of grabbing his attention. It included a tight denim skirt that landed right below my ass cheeks and a sparkly tank top that hugged my body. I finished it off with red heels almost too high to walk in and matching cherry lipstick. I looked like a real party girl!

When I arrived, of course, everyone was all over the sexy quarterback. He was the center of the party, and I knew I would need to be strategic if I wanted some alone time with my longtime crush. After a couple of hours and a dozen shots, my tipsy body stumbled off to find a bathroom.

I stumbled through a closed door, shutting it behind me and sitting on the edge of the sink. As the spinning room slowed down, I realized that my crush was standing in the restroom with me! He had been peeing when I interrupted him. His cock was still in his hand! My jaw hit the floor as I saw his manhood up close.

Want to hear what my drunk, slutty teenage mouth did to my crush in that bathroom? Call now for some kinky phone sex and jerk that throbbing cock off to the rest of the naughty story!