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A cuckold is really a polite way to say “worthless as a man” to a woman. But I keep you around for your fat wallet. We both know I married you for money. When you proposed to me I told you I had a requirement before I’d agree.

You were so in love that you agreed to whatever I wanted, even before I laid out my terms. I said I’d be your wife if you understood I’d be getting my sex wherever I wanted and you had no say in it. You blinked at me when you saw that I was serious about this demand. Sputtering, you agreed. There and then your fate sealed as a bank account and a sugar daddy. In exchange you got all the cream pie the cock sucker closeted inside of you could suck out of my cunt.


You were so grateful the nights I came home to give you a taste. Rub your little cock while I tell you about the giant BBC that had filled me up for you to clean up. I fucked 2 beautiful ebony Gods tonight until we all dropped. They invited me to stay but I told them I had to be getting home. My husband was waiting up for me. At first they didn’t believe me but I convinced them by showing them pictures of us together from my wallet.

One of them admired your mouth. It gave me the best idea about a cuckold surprise for you. You deserve it too for being a good little cuckold you are for me. I decided there and then to invite them home with me to continue the party. Put on those little pink lace panties I bought you. And come downstairs.

The cuckold hiding inside of you was about to get a treat.

I saw how surprised you were to see two beautiful black men waiting in our living room when you came down in your panties. First you paled, and then you blushed like a school girl. “Come here. Get on your knees in front of Joshua. Suck his fat fuckstick”. I lean forward and whispered into your ear. “You better be a great fluffer because you’re getting that cock ready for my hungry cunt. If you’re a good little faggot I’ll let you lick his balls and my asshole.

Watch him pump his mahogany rod into me like a piston. The way you swallow his meat tells me you’ll do whatever I ask of you so as long as it got you a taste of that throbbing prick. I bet you had no idea what a good cuckold whore you’d turn into for me.


We’ve known since before we married that your dick would be inadequate to keep me happy. I called you right out on being bisexual and in the closet. It was a marriage of convenience. Your career required a beard. A cover.

You agreed to pay all my bills and let me have an open marriage. I’d make sure you never lost face with your business associates. I attend every single corporate affair with great enthusiasm. Part of our agreement is that after every one we attend, there is a big Mandingo buck waiting in our hotel sweet. To fuck the shit out of me and for you to clean up afterward, like the perfect cuckold bitch you are