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He was born to be a cuckold. There you are, sitting in a corner, legs, and wrists tied and bound to your chair. You struggle and struggle to try to get free, but you know it’s in vain. With a ball gag in your mouth, you attempt to mutter out some words, but it’s complete gibberish, no one understands you.

I walk in with three men, each with muscular builds, naked. Their cocks rock-hard and ready to destroy this perfectly, tight, shaven twenty-five-year-old pussy. You watch as each of them starts tearing my clothes off, like the animals they really are. Animals pouncing on their prey, craving to be inside me. These men know what a cuckold wife needs.

My cuckold husband always gets a hot meal after.


Their cocks are dripping in anticipation, pulsating, and throbbing. I sink down to my knees then open my mouth wide as one of them quickly sticks his delicious cock down my throat. He grabs me by the back of the head while thrusting his cock in and out of my tight little mouth. Then another grabs me by the hips and spreads my ass cheeks.
He teases my asshole with his cock, smacking it against the entrance. Slowly, he pushes the tip of his cock inside of me. I moan but it’s muffled by the enormous throbbing cock in my mouth. As they both thrust their cocks in and out of my little fuck holes, I start to rub my clit and finger my pussy. My cuckold husband knew this was coming.

I love to cheat.


The third man comes along and gets underneath me. He pulls my hand away from my pussy then he sticks his steaming hot cock into my pussy, forcefully. His gigantic cock is so thick and meaty, I could feel him hit all the way to the back of my cervix. I gasped in ecstasy as all of them use me like their living fuck doll. The life of the perfect cuckold.
Slowly, one by one, each of them start to pump their creamy cum into each of my holes. They leave me standing there, satisfied, with cum dripping from every hole on my body. I turn to you and smile, then I begin to untie you from your binds.
You drop to the floor and lick the cum that’s dripping from my body off the floor. I push you onto your back, like the bitch you are and sit right on that little cuckold face of yours. You thank me then begin to lick up and slurp all of their yummy cum out of me. You’re welcome.