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I know there are plenty of things you like and one of them is being a cuckold slut. As my husband there aren’t many things you can hide from me. The other day I was bored as a housewife gets, and I decided to go through your computer. I found cuckold porn and you know what that means. Tonight will be so fun I invited over a big black cock for you to service and watch as I enjoy myself. 

When you got home I took your hand and led you to the bedroom, I know what you thought, you thought I was going to finally give you some of my sweet little pussy. Well you thought wrong mister. I giggle as you open our bedroom door and you see a big strong black man just sitting on the bed. 

Look confused as I point to your laptop and you see your fithy porn pulled up, well I thought I could make your cuckold fanties come true. I tell you to sit over in the chair facing the bed, as I strip off all my clothes. I slowly move over the bed and start ripping off his clothes and you see his twelve inch cock flop out of his boxers.

 I look at you as I get on my knees and slurp that big fat black mushroom head. Oh my god to actually have a big fat cock in my mouth makes my little cunt dripping wet. You can see my pussy juices drip down my leg and onto the floor. 

Oh yes honey you see this is what a big fucking cock looks like, and you just start growing in your pants. It is a tiny bulge but I tell you to fucking stroke yourself but you better not cum. 

You’re my cuckold slut tonight. 

I bend over and you can see my sweet little cunt bend over the bed as he drives that big hard cock deep in my cunt. I gasp for air and you just explode all over your hand. I tell you to fucking eat your own cum because you’re a disgusting fucking pervert. You suck all the cum off your fingers as I keep getting railed. 

I tell you as I am going to have him squirt his fat cum load in my pussy and you will get the present of eating it out of my cunt. Do you like that you filthy cuckold whore?