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cum dumpster

One of my favorite things is to be a cum dumpster. I mean what lady wouldn’t love that? I aim to please and don’t leave until that happens. There are two types of people in this world. The type that likes to run the show and the type that takes the back seat. I want to take a back seat for a hardcore dominant man. Pushing me to my limits beyond anything imaginable. Tell me you can do that. Things are starting to lift with restrictions. The world is going crazy. Not me, I am used to getting told what to do.

I want-a-piece-of-you-inside-of-me

This world is a rat race, if you close your eyes you might miss something. Not this slut, I want to see everything. Until I have another dominant man in my life. I am going to talk about one of my favorite nights. He invites me over knowing I am a human cum dumpster. I love to get degraded and used to the max. I told me to dress trashy and expect stains all over. Walk up the stairs of his penthouse.

He has five other guys there waiting. A smirk draws on my face and I walk with confidence. I am going to get pounded and used by all these studs. This is what women are born to do. Please men and know their place in the world. One of his friends comes over and grabs me by the bottom of my dress. He almost rips it but I don’t even care. Walking with him, I crawl on the bed. Pulling my dress up and over my head. Sitting naked on his bed feeling a little vulnerable. The first guy comes up and slaps my tits.

Fill up the cum dumpster.

Being pushed on my back and I have my thigh high socks with stripes on. My legs spread far and out. Some of the guys are around me stroking their fat meat. I am getting wet to the thought of being their human cum dumpster. My mouth feels opened and a sweaty ball sack is sitting on my chin. And a cock in my ass and pussy. They are fucking me hard and taking turns. With my mouth full of cock I beg for more. I get my face slapped and cum shooting all over me.