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cum eating

Have you ever tried cum eating? Today were going to make a trade. I allow you to cum, but only if you ingest every single drop of the ejaculation.

Why is it that men are so scared to eat their own cum, but they expect us to beg for it? If you want me on my knees and asking for jizz, you better do the same. I will not swallow if you don’t. Ask my little pigs about how strict I am when it comes to devouring cum on a daily basis. At times I give tasks and goals that must be met for the week. You don’t follow the rules, and you won’t cum.

Cum eating is not as scary as you think.

My new client this week played a game with me he will allow himself to get all worked up and swear when he cum he’ll eat it. Every time I let him cum, he won’t follow through. The devil inside of me figured out a plan to make sure he eats cum. If not his, someone else’s hot and salty nut candy. I knew when he was on the verge, he would do anything I asked.

I took a cum donation with me.

A friend of mine was willing to give me a little spunk love. He jacked off into a cup and sent me the gift. Being the nice person I am, I had to share this gift with someone. You didn’t think I would eat it, right? I have delicate taste buds and always would rather someone else taste the treats. Plus, nothing is more exciting than watching a desperate man devour cum for the very first time. They all make such a disgusted face, but you know they love it all. Cum eating isn’t bad for you.

Did he swallow the cum? Of course he did. He opened that mouth and licked the bowl clean. He devoured every single drop of sperm and asked me for more. Of course all that I could offer was his own, and he quickly came and denied me. You see, cum eating is something men always promise, but fear from at the end. Next time he wants to pop that cork, he will find out that when you deny me what I want, I do the same. I don’t see him cumming for a very long time.