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Cum Eating Instruction - Caught in the ActCum Eating Instruction – Caught in the Act when I came home earlier and found you sniffing my lingerie. Forget about the dildos and sex toys all over my living room. You are my best friends boyfriend, you knew better.

For some nagging feeling in the pit of my peach I knew to get my ass home after lunch. Which of course was three hours early and I found you fucking my panties? The dirty panties, then putting your cock into a flesh light made in the shape of my honey puss.

Cum Eating Instruction – Caught in the Act was a demand. You will eat, or she will get these pics of you being a douche.

Who you ask? Your wife, and maybe some of the office staff you work with since they should know your a sexual predator. Of course I am irresistible to real men, but bitch boi’s too. Then again sometimes real men that seem platinum turn into bitch boi’s and make you .. giggle while milking on.
This bitch, he had to pay. Mostly because when I told him I would never fuck him, I meant I would never fuck him without my bestie being here. So I forced him on his knees to eat my ass while I took pictures. Great pics of his tongue licking my rose bud and sucking my pretty star fish. Then my clit got hard and I decided he needed some of my peach to run down his chin. Taking my finger I ran it across his hard cock as I tossed the flesh light away. Running my nail along the tip I gathered his pre-cum and ran it across his lips with a smile.
Now lick whore! It was then you could hear her heels, clacking on the floor. His wife, who I sent the pictures to anyways. Her voice full of laughter, after all it was her who I had for lunch. We have been cheating behind your back for years loser. That pussy was mine way before you ever touched it. Takes a slit to please a slit, but I am going to ride your dick and fuck your ass, while she bangs your face. See how wet I made her snatch while we laughed at your dumb ass fucking a fake twat. How does that dick feel darling? We are going to have to use you more often while we rope and ride you for punishment with.. cum eating instruction – caught in the act consequences.