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cum eating

Cum eating is something every man should sample. You want your lady to swallow your load, so why can’t you partake in the activity?

It takes a real man who is after the pleasure of a woman to do this kind of act. It doesn’t make someone gay or bisexual. Nothing wrong with some enjoyment of your own seed. You can share it with her that called snowballing. Hold the back of her head and open her mouth with your tongue. Kiss and pass it back and forth on each other’s tongues and let it get slimy.

What man wouldn’t enjoy the taste of cum eating?

Some guys enjoy a jack off instruction session with some cum eating involved. That is a stimulate that I like to involve in my sexual acts. Some men enjoy eating a thick cream pie out of their ladies pussy. Think about it, she doesn’t tell you and you give her oral and white stuff is seeping out. You lap it up and then realize you have eaten another man’s load she left as a snack for you. Back to the jack off instruction, it is fun to count down to see if someone can last.

Have you had your healthy dose of protein today?

Not being able to last on my count down means you are going to do some cum eating. I make it enjoyable for you while I massage my nipples making them hard they can cut glass. Make you describe the smell and taste of this sticky snack you eat. It is easy to tell when you aren’t enjoying it or doing the act. No one wants to disappointment. Have a mirror by so you can look at the load on your tongue.

Something to think about while watching porn. I have seen a lady waste an opportunity to do some cum eating. Wouldn’t that kind of disappoint you if you are getting head and then she lets it run down your cock? Her looking up into his eyes with her hands wrapped right around his hard, throbbing cock. Wrapping her tongue around the head and sucking like it’s a popsicle dripping. When you read this, your cock is hard. No one will know what we talk about. I want you to be able to tell me your dirty secrets that no one else knows.