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I started to learn all about how wonderful cum eating is at a very young age. Most of my friends would take vitamins before school, but I got something extra special! Each morning, while mommy was making my breakfast, daddy would jerk off at the kitchen table. He would stroke his cock while looking at me in my little school uniform, stockings, and pigtails. Holding a small bowl, he would jerk off until he shot a warm load meant for his special little princess!

Mommy would bring me my plate of pancakes and bacon and daddy would slide me his big cup of special cream. I would eat up my breakfast as fast as I could so I could get to my morning cum eating! Picking up the bowl, both of my parents would watch with loving smiles as I slurped up the goodness as fast as I could! I loved how yummy the warm milk was and how sweet it tasted against my little tongue. I was completely hooked from the start!

From then on, I was on the lookout for a mouthful of the gooey love juice wherever I went. When I went to sleepovers at friend’s houses, my parents would ask their daddies if they would feed me. They were more than happy to give me a fresh dose before I skipped off to bed!


Even when I was at school, if I was struggling with paying attention, my male teachers would pull me aside. They would sneak me into a broom closet, make me get on my knees right there, and feed me. The midday cum eating always helped me to concentrate better on my studies! They should go ahead and make that a part of the curriculum for all little horny sluts like me!

Now, I have tons of fuck buddies that make sure I am always stocked up on jizz. Whenever I need a fresh dose, they come hurrying over with rock-solid pricks, ready to feed me! I try to get at least three big loads each day. I still need my nightly dose, do you think that you could help me?

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