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cyber sex

Pulling my laptop on the bed with me. Logging into the chatroom looking for my invite. I won’t touch myself unless permitted by my seductive counterpart. My toys and nipple clamps are sitting beside me. The anticipation is killing me. Biting my bottom lip waiting for the one. My eyes light up with the screen. I get the invite. His name is intriguing and unusual. The little devil on my shoulder is telling me to continue with our cyber sex.

I open the pm. The first thing he asks me is if I am the one he is seeking? I reply, yes! So eager to get his test. He tells me to turn on my cam and I am to only address him as sir. Of course only when instructed or spoken to. My cam comes on and he smiles. He didn’t realize I was going to be beautiful. I show him my nipple clamps and giggle. The next words coming from his lips almost get me to orgasm. He says “good girl“. Instructing me to pull my nighty down and expose my perfect tits. He sees that my nipples are hard.

Tap into your dark desires for our cyber sex session

Our eyes get locked with each other. He tells me to lick my fingers and roll my nipples between them. His cock gets pulled out and his hands are massive. They can cover my entire face. I see he is packing some large equipment. I put them on as he wants. Moaning from the pinch. He starts stroking harder. They have a tassel and he wants me to twirl them around while slapping my tits. He is stroking harder and I say “yes sir”. He must be new at this because at that moment. Gushing cum everywhere.