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So why don’t your cheating ass get over here and fuck me silly? I want to be used like a stupid fuck whore I am. I went to be the kind of slut that makes you feel like your doing something wrong. I love playing taboo fantasies with you, you want me to be your sweet little princess? Or I can be your daughter that just loves my daddies big cheating cock. I can be whatever you want me to be daddy. I am here to please you and only you. So make me your personal sex slave.


How would you like it if I dressed up for you? I could wear a little cheerleading outfit and make sure I don’t wear any underwear under my short skirt. I want you to be able to see my little pink cunt as I jump up and down in enjoyment. What do you think about that? I would tease you so hard, making you precum all in your underwear. Oh, are they wet for me? Don’t let your wife see, she will get mad at you. She will figure out the only reason you have been fucking her is the thought of my pussy.


What if I bend over? Use my tiny hands and spread my ass cheeks, and look at my cute little asshole. I want you to stick your tongue deep in my ass I want to feel it swirling around. Getting me nice and fucking wet for you to fuck. Would you like that? To fuck my tight ass and then make me suck off my own add juice? That makes me so fucking wet, thinking about being that dirty with you daddy.