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Lover of Daddy Daughter fantasy? Me too. I have a naughty one who can’t get enough of his pretty Princess. He asked me to share this story with you, so of course, I have to do whatever he asks. I’m a good girl you know.

Saturday morning wake-ups are my favorite. Breakfast in bed always comes first. He brings me a bowl of cereal and laughs when I devour it. He always mixes his first of the morning cum with the milk. A pat to my head and telling me “Eat up Princess. You need to grow big and strong.”

Daddy Daughter is always the best wake up for me.

While I eat, he tells me about my day. You know, all the taboo and deviant things he has planned for us. We start with a bubble bath. He washes all my pretty pink spots first. Fingers in, fingers out, he uses the scented soap on my horny holes. After that, a good towel dry and my coochie kisses. Daddy makes sure to lick, nibble, and devour my cookie cream. I love when it all pours in his mouth.
“Spread your legs wide sweetheart. Time for Daddy to fuck you.”
A foot on either side of the mattress, that little twin bed takes a pounding. The first push in makes me cry and ask him to stop. Shh, he loves when I beg. Stretching that little rubber band rim makes him so happy. He loves to lick off my tears when he forces me to take it all. I know I am a very good girl because I let him use me, but sometimes I wanna be a bad one and tell him no.
Daddy Daughter has been around since the beginning of time, but when you have one like mine, you love it even more. Ask for Katelynn when you call. Make sure to tell them you are a Bad Daddy.