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I still remember the first time my daddy touched my pretty young bald pussy. Usually, it was mommy who would give me my nighttime bath, filling the tub with bubbles and letting me splash. But she was visiting my aunt for the weekend because she had a baby last week. So it was only the two of us in the big house for the entire weekend. For some reason, daddy seemed so happy about it.

When it was time for my washing, we went into my parent’s bathroom with their large soaking tub. Daddy sat on the edge of the tub and began to help me undress. He pulled the little dress I had been wearing all day up over my head as I lifted up my small arms. He licked his lips when he saw my perky little nipples and puffy belly poking out towards him.

Next, he used two fingers and hooked them in the waistband of the tiny piece of pink cotton. He slid the panties down my chubby this and I stepped out of them like a good girl. I noticed a twitch in daddy’s pants when my bald twat came into his view, but I didn’t know what that meant.


Daddy touched me naughty.

Reaching out, he placed both of his large hands beneath my underarms and lifted me into the rising water. Picking up a few of my favorite toys sitting along the edge, I began to splash and play in the bubbles. I became so lost in my play, I did not even notice daddy taking his pants off as he knelt beside the bath!

Grabbing my princess loofah, my daddy lathered it up with soap and told me to stand up and face the wall. I did as I he told me to, placing my hands against the tile and sticking out my small ass. He began to wash my tiny body, running the loofah up my arms, down my back, and over my bum. He then ran it up the inside of my legs before touching it to my young twat.

Rocking his hand back and forth, daddy began to rub my little pussy with one hand. With the other, he started pumping his throbbing cock, breathing deep and heavy as he jerked off to me! He told me to spread my legs wider, saying he needed to make sure I was extra clean. Setting the loofah aside, daddy used his own fingers to massage the soap into my vagina! The odd feeling made me squirm against his probing fingers. It took only a few minutes before I felt a spurt of warm liquid land all over my back!

Do you want to be my naughty daddy giving me a bath tonight? Call now for some kinky family fun phone sex while mommy is away! I promise that I won’t tell anyone!