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My Daddy’s Birthday is coming soon, and I came up with the greatest gift any of his daughters ever gave to him. You see I recently watch a movie about the Girl in the Box, it’s based on a true story. It got me thinking and I came up with a plan.

There is a girl at my school that annoys the shit out of me. You see, she longs to be my friend, she wants to be part of the girl’s club. So, I decided to invite her over. Little did she know she would be my Father slave held in bondage for our family fun fantasies to endure. Bondage For Daddy’s Birthday!
She was rather surprised when I offered her to join me. As I expected, but she was also excited, to say the least. I told her she could not let anyone know that I invited her, that is if she wants to be part of the club. She needs to lie to her parents about where she was going, I made sure she did just that. She called them on her phone and told them she would be at another one of her friends’ homes.
We left school early and I drove us to my house. No one was home at the time. I brought her to my room and drugged her. Once she passed out, I brought her into our basement, tied her up and placed her into my father’s Bondage Box. Held in captively! It was going to be his suppose!

Obey when I yell Attention! Yes, Master Daddy.

Once everyone came home and as we ate dinner together, I handed my daddy a card. Happy Birthday, Daddy I said to him and then kissed him. He thanked me and read the card. It told him about the Box hidden in the basement but did not revile the secret that was going to be in it. He said, “well, show me what you got for me”. All of us went down into the basement to see what I had waiting for him. My big surprise. He opened it up to find that bitch all tied up and her mouth covered in tape.
He was so excited! He praised me for what I had done for him and gave no created to the others in our family. He pulled that little bitch out and began fucking with her in front of us all! She was daddy’s new slave and I helped in his enjoyment with her. Daddy sex slave Obey him when he yells Attention! Yes, Master!