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My father and I love nothing more than take time away from the home and go outside and explore different things. He knows how much I love to go out with him and explore our Daddy daughter fantasy.

Today we went to a nearby park. He has been keeping his eye on new young girls. He gets very angry that the mothers sitting there on their phones. They do not pay attention to the girls at all. There have been many times I have wanted to kidnap for my Daddy and today was the day. As we sat there and watched all those terrible mothers sitting there on their phones noticing a bit of attention to their young girls. I came up with a very good plan. 


“Daddy, it will be very easy for me. I will go over there and swing with one of the little girls and then you pull the car up from behind.  As I watched to make sure the mother was not paying attention, I will ask her to come to get a treat with me. You do have some treats in our car right daddy you always keep them in there.”

“Yes, I do my love, my love, my goodness how did you become so smart that really is a brilliant idea”!

“Really you think so Daddy I think so too so come on let’s do it you go ahead get in the car I’m going to go swing on the swing with that girl!”

“She’s adorable daddy you’re going to love her as you love me”

“Oh sweetheart you always be my number one you know that”

“thank you, Daddy and you’ll always be mine okay so go go go go!”

I went over and started swinging introducing myself to that sweet young girl we were having a blast. She seemed very upset about her mom. I mean it was obvious that her mother was not paying a bit of attention. My goodness, she was still there texting on her phone while I and her daughter swing back and forth.

“Are you hungry I have a great dessert in the car would you like one?”

“I would love to, I am starving”

So she came over with me and we went to the back of the car where I gave her all our food. My daddy drove off the girl did not even ask any questions. We sat in the back seat together eating as my dad drove his home who is going to be a fun awesome night that is for sure!