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Daddy daughter loves Lil panties on me and my pretty little girl body. My father and me fantasize I am just a little bit younger and I am his naughty girl.

Daddy spoils me with the prettiest outfits, and they are all so soft against my pink lips. Like terry cloth cotton panties with daisies that match my training bra. When my special father comes into my little girl’s room, he always goes right for my dirty panty drawer.

Daddy daughter, dada loves Lil panties on his Princess.. and me climbing across my pink bed.

Daddy has a special drawer for all my dirty panties so he can play with them while I am at school.

Mommy left us a long time ago, but I think it is because she knew how much daddy loved me more than her. Well, that and she might have caught my daddy rubbing my panties across his face with a hard cock. That is probably why daddy always wants me to feel so special because I am the only little girl he likes to model for him. When I get home from school in my thin cotton tops, daddy always gets such a woody. He will even tell me to pull down my panties so he can see my little baldy peach.

Naughty Father says I am his new girlfriend.

Oh under my arms are so soft too, when daddy licks them I giggle. Giggling, and how tiny my giggles are makes daddy even harder for my little tight body. My little belly button over my panties gets daddy so hard. Well, daddy even likes my little butt in my panties when I get a wedgie. My wedgies always go between my toot and butt cheeks and he thinks they are so sexy.

Daddy’s hard daddy cock is my favorite thing to come home to. Especially when I am in my puffy, flowered Princess bed! Daddy lets me tease him with Daddy-daughter, daddy loves Lil panties modeling any time that I want to. That makes my daddy the best daddy ever for this spoiled little panty-loving Princess.