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Daddy has a new house rule, no clothes allowed. He says my body is too perfect to hide. My breasts bounce when I walk around our home and that makes Daddy very happy.

He’s a single father and we have a very special relationship. I’m a daddy’s girl and he spoils me rotten. He’s taught me everything about sex. He says I’m the best dick sucker in the whole wide world.
I barely gag when he’s in my throat and I always swallow. Daddy says his semen is a special milk that only daughter’s can drink. Every morning before school, Daddy gives me “special milk” for breakfast. He explained that it would give me nourishment to study harder.

There is nothing like love from Daddy.

But when I’m at school, I can barely concentrate on my studies because I’m fantasizing about Daddy. I’m too busy thinking about his big cock penetrating all my holes. My clit starts to throb from the anticipation of our nightly lovemaking. I raise my hand because I need a bathroom excuse, I need to play with my sloppy wet cunt. When I’m alone in the bathroom stall, my fingers slip right into my wetness.

With one foot on the toilet seat, I stroked three fingers deep into my pussy.

It felt like I was spitting into flames to extinguish a burning building. I needed the real thing. I wanted my Daddy’s veiny hard cock. Our incestuous relationship was consuming my mind and soul. I pulled my cell phone out and told him to check me out of school early.
We didn’t make it out of the parking lot because I needed to feel him inside of me right away. I straddled his lap and bounced on his cock like a hyper little slut. We didn’t care if people saw us. The danger of someone catching us made me super wet. He wrapped his arms around me and pushed his cock upward into my womb. Each stroke sent a powerful sexual current racing through my body.
Daddy is the only one who makes me dripping wet. It’s so wrong but feels so right.